Welcome to Lone Star RV Center!

As a family owned RV Center located just 13 minutes west of I-35 on Highway 190 at Harker Heights, Killeen, Ft Hood, we at Lone Star RV Center know the importance of happy camping, because we are active RVers and campers. It is so important to us, we have a 24 hour a day response system in place for RVers that are traveling on the road or set up at camp sites.DSCN2849

When our family needs guidance, or help choosing an RV repair shop, or a place to purchase one, it is important that we can trust the people we are dealing with. We want you to feel the same way.


About 35 percent of our business is active-duty soldiers,” Bowyer says. “Then, of course, retired military makes up another 55 percent, and the remaining balance is from customers in the area. We have people come from as far away as 500 to 600 miles to service their RVs.” To serve those customers, Bowyer has made the deliberate decision to hire veterans. He says, “Virtually all my staff is either retired military or previous military, whether it be Army, Navy or Marines.” Bowyer believes hiring ex-military personnel is not only the right and patriotic thing to do – it’s also good for his business. “First, the government has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars training these veterans, so today’s veteran is extremely intelligent,” he says. “Second, they seem to be self-disciplined, self-starters. They show vast initiative and don’t require a lot of supervision. They also seem to be mission-oriented, and they tend to be leaders opposed to followers. All have at least a bachelor’s degree and many hold master’s degrees. “Several of my people are retired command sergeant majors or other higher noncommissioned officers who say the only thing they want to be in charge of is a lunch box and a tool kit,” Bowyer says. “They’ve been in charge long enough in life.” Bowyer boasts that all of Lone Star RV’ssales,sevice,rvparts